The HERMES system is a comprehensive and flexible ERP system with rich functionality, high degree of automation, flexibility and adaptability of  its operations to the particular needs of the Business.

Main features:

  •  User - Machine Interface uniform and consistent,  in  compliance with internationally accepted standards  (Microsoft GUI and IBM-SAA)
  • On Line updates to  all files/tables  affected  by the procedure performed , in the context of  the transaction
  • User is immediately informed  on the result of each transaction/operation completes
  • Security protection enabled on  the functions of applications, through a distinct   security system,  that  maintains  the 'profile' of each user, i.e. the functions the user is allowed to perform and the privileges assigned  for accessing database data.
  • The flow/results of  the operations  initiated by the user  activity is determined  through a powerful System Configuration, which manages the sequence of operations based on the user privileges and the desired event.
  • Report  layouts and forms printing is configured  as required by the authorized admin.
  • Management of  group of  companies with multiple facilities per company, and  creation and processing  of pertinent  aggregate data
  • Complete  integration with the OFFICE program (WORD, EXCEL) of Microsoft