Business Intelligence

For  more  efficient  use of the data the HERMES system maintains, this system provides the user with a powerful tool  to extract data, create repositories  of them and also  further process them.

The extracted data is processed through appropriate templates, i.e.  through a mechanism similar to that EXCEL type file provides. Thus, the user, without any need for technical knowledge,  can easily designate areas / criteria / aggregations / classifications and dynamically transform and  configure  the information in tabular form. These tables are manageable by the user who can  print, save, and even further process them  using other popular tools such as OFFICE (e.g. EXCEL) of Microsoft.

An unlimited number of tables of  interest is created,  that combine data, reveal relationships, that would otherwise have remained invisible,  and also allow the calculation of indices, statistics and other information that can provide business with a competitive advantage and long-term stability.