PremierTek develops and supports software applications and systems addressed to Business. Major systems include,  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP ) and a flexible environment for Multidimensional Data Analytical Processing (OLAP BI), targeting  at small and medium-sized enterprises that serve  trade, production and services .

The systems are based on the long and diverse experience of our executives, incorporate successive improved versions and  present  proven effectiveness. They also  present continuously evolving functionality, meet the provisions of Greek legislation and International Accounting Standards, and are easily adapted to the size and scope of activity of the particular facility.

Main features that characterize these systems:

  • Ease of use and capitalization on the system feature
  • High degree of flexibility in supporting business practices
  • Adaptation of the system to meet specific requirements and practices of the customer (tailoring)
  • Affordable operating and maintenance costs


SW Products :


Business Intelligence